Together, we can be our best South Walton

We believe we can work in concert with one another to find equitable and creative solutions to preserve our beautiful area for all who hold South Walton’s natural resources and beaches dear.

Our Why!

As South Walton natives, we have watched this area grow and flourish over the past few decades. As word keeps getting out, we know that the growth is only going to continue. We love South Walton and all it has to offer, and we understand that the tourism industry is what helps supply jobs and supports real estate market growth. Therefore, we must find a way that we can preserve South Walton’s natural beauty and resources, but do so in a way that makes everyone happy.

Preserving South Walton and the betterment of the community is our goal

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Our How!

Through Local contributions, partnerships, agreements, and grants, we look to promote responsible land use, proper community planning and development, and ultimately preserve the beauty of our area so ALL may enjoy.

In doing this, we firmly believe that we can find and facilitate acceptable compromises for business owners, residents, and tourists alike.