NOTE: It has come to our attention that one of the wire service’s we used for our Press Release sent out on 08/23 changed the title and some of the verbiage…

The title was incorrectly changed to “Preserving South Walton Inc Founded to Preserve Beaches” which is misleading as our organization was not founded solely for preserving the beaches. Our organization was founded to promote responsible land development throughout the entire South Walton County area. The Original Release can been seen below

For Immediate Release

Is there An Alternative solution to the Customary Use Dispute?

New 501(3)c, Preserving South Walton, Inc, offers cooler option to heated argument

Santa Rosa Beach Florida: Today, Preserving South Walton Inc., (PSW, INC) a newer nonprofit founded to preserve the beauty and encourage responsible growth of the South Walton County area, announced a new initiative to end the battle on customary use.

Giving the reasoning behind this campaign, President, Wes Herndon said, “Unfortunately, courts and county commissions don’t always offer legitimate avenues for compromise. As a result, their decisions leave people bitter and resentful. We believe we all have the heart to be better than that. By initiating this campaign, we believe we are enacting a good neighbor solution that takes the human element into account…it not only preserves South Walton’s access to sand, it preserves stewardship and relationships.”

Through Local contributions, partnerships, agreements, and grants, PSW, Inc’s goal is to secure and/or gain access to properties. In doing so, this will permit access to others who would use that property responsibly, and simultaneously limit the liability of the landholder. As a result, an acceptable compromise between all parties can be reached.

“This entire dispute has already turned toxic, and if it keeps progressing, it could get even worse.” says Steve Burnett, PSW, INC’S Vice President. Is that something we really want?”

In the coming week, Preserving South Walton, INC plans to announce a public Q&A forum and is currently in the process of forming a volunteer advisory committee. To become involved, contribute, or assist PSW, INC and this campaign, visit

Preserving South Walton, INC, is a 501(3)c nonprofit organization that was founded to encourage, educate, and propagate responsible land use and growth in South Walton County Florida.


Press Contact:

Wes Herndon